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Welcome to OpenNFT Transaction Platform

OpenNFT is a diversified and open NFT transaction platform, dedicates to providing users with better options about digital asset allocation. (We are working with the Metaverse community closely, they have played a key role on the development of digital assets, digital identities, and innovative smart contracts. We will have comprehensive cooperation with them on decentralized finance and NFT asset to obtained suitable and reliable development.

What is NFT?

NFT is the abbreviation of English non-fungible token, which means irreplaceable, unique digital assets and tokens. There have a flow chart to explain the distinction between NFT and other tokens or asset.

It can be seen that the expansion space of NFT is promising and hopeful. NFT will not just repeat the field of art, it will also can explore other applications, like property right, physical assets, identity certificates, financial papers, and all kinds of notarized tickets.

What is OpenNFT

OpenNFT is a pure NFT trading platform which built on the Heco chain. Users can trade and view NFTs on OpenNFT easily and expediently.


After entering the homepage, click on the link wallet in the upper right corner. After authorization, your wallet will be displayed to prove that the wallet is connected and authorized successfully.

Buy NFT:

After entering the homepage, browse NFT products from all over the world under the options of different partners and projects. If you want to buy the NFT you like, just click on the NFT and follow the steps to buy it. After the purchase is successful, you can view your NFT in My NFTs.

Sell NFT products:

OpenNFT is a borderless NFT product trading platform, so it supports the sale of NFT products of itself and all partners. Link the wallet, click sell NFT in the upper right corner, output your favorite price, and your NFT assets will be listed for sale.

Browse and share:

OpenNFT will continue to cooperate with existing NFT platforms, so that NFT products that are not platforms but cooperative can be browsed and sold on OpenNFT, truly realizing borderless NFT sharing.